Check out The First Girls of K-Pop 2NE1’s NEW VIDEO ‘Gotta Be You’


The much awaited third single by YG Entertainment’s 2NE1 Gotta Be You has been released!

Celebrating their five year anniversary as a group, 2NE1 let their fans knew in advance that the video will be out today on the 21st of May. Only released hours ago, the single from their hit album Crush typically features CL, Minzy, Dara and Bom, in a colourful setting with even bolder outfits.

The video also provides us fans with some male eye candy, in the form of British born model Ash Stymest. The popular model is known for his bad boy demeanor and of course his tattoos. Surely fans have fallen for this rough lad’s charm already! This reminds audiences that the members of 2NE1 are continuing to branch out and collaborate with more popular western faces.

Waiting for Minzy to bust a move!

From watching Gotta Be You’s live performances and dance…

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