Insta Woes! Some Just Can’t Handle Ciara’s New Dreads


Becoming a mother is a blessing and Ciara after giving birth to baby boy Future Zahir, is relishing in her after birth glow. More so, she seems to be channeling her inner momentum as she’s set to regain  her previous figure.

Throwing some punches! Ciara is shown demonstrating great core strength after the birth of her baby Future Zahir

The Body Party songstress was seen six days ago on Instagram sporting her new black and blonde dreadlocks whilst impressively combining sit-ups with some killer punches. Ciara captioned: “Striving for greatness” as she worked out with Personal Trainer Gunnar Peterson. The star looked controlled and focused so there’s no doubt fans are looking forward to seeing her hard work eventually pay off.

The pretty picture at hand has caused a ruckus of opinions on Ciara’s dreadlocks

Followers believed the star was giving off Janet Jackson inspired look presently as the 28-year-old posted…

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