Breezy Brings The Heat In NEW Music Video ‘New Flame’ Ft Usher & Rick Ross


After teasing fans in previous single Loyal with an elevator cameo; Usher is hitting all the right moves alongside Chris Brown in single New Flame.

“Bae” and “bae” are here. Together! So female fans can appreciate and savior all of this much wanted talent. As per usual, in this video Chris Brown is never too afraid to throw a few shapes, with his fast feet, ‘turnt up’ attitude and turning a normal everyday item into a swinging deadly weapon. Impressive.

Yet Usher’s shine never seemed to simmer with his tick-tocking robot, brief gyrating, and suave moves just reminding new fans who brought it first. Fans however have now had a taster, a TASTER, of what could be one of the hottest collaborations in the RnB game if these two stars went hard in a new full blown choreographed video. Make it happen. Make the magic known!

A forever shirtless Rick…

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