Check Out ‘The First Girls of K-Pop’ 2NE1’s New Video ‘GOTTA BE YOU’ [WATCH]


The much awaited third single byYG Entertainment’s 2NE1 Gotta Be You has been released!

Celebrating their five year anniversary as a group, 2NE1 let their fans know in advance of the videos due date which is, low and behold the 21st of May. Only released hours ago, the single from their hit album Crush typically features CL, Minzy, Dara and Bom, in colourful settings with even bolder outfits.

The video also provides us fans with some male eye candy, in the form of British born model Ash Stymest . The popular model is known for his bad boy demeanor and of course his tattoos. Surely fans have fallen for this rough lad’s charm already! This reminds audiences that the members of 2NE1 are continuing to branch out and collaborate with more  popular western faces.

Waiting for Minzy to bust a move

From watching Gotta Be You’s live performances and

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Triple threat Kevin Michael McHale who is known to the world for his much loved character ‘Artie Abrams’ in smash hit TV seriesGlee, is set to host a new panel show on E4.

The show’s name is Virtually Famous and focuses on internet viral videos. The show basically glorifies the most famous memes, Twitter rants, best vines shorts and YouTube videos.

Throwback some time ago, the 25-year-old used to be a part of a quartet boy group calledNLT. The boys showed much potential displaying both singing and dancing skills, yet their success was short lived. Shame really, because they’d contend well with today’s “talent”.

Hosting alongside with Kevin, is comedian Shaun Walsh andRadio 1 presenter Chris Stark, the two will be playing regular team captains.

seann walsh Shaun Walsh the comedian

Chris Stark Chris Stark is a TV and Radio Presenter

The show will be airing later…

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Janelle Monáe teams up with Pepsi for New Single ‘Heroes’ [WATCH]


Janelle Monáe is never one to shy away from broadening her music horizons. She firstly performed the rhythm filled ‘What is love’for the 3D animated ‘RIO 2’soundtrack, and now you’ll find she has teamed up with Pepsi! 

From the recorded label MSC Sounds, Janelle’s single ‘Heroes’ was taken from ‘Pepsi Beats of the Beautiful Game’ LP which is coming out June 10. However  the Tightrope singer is one of many artists to be celled upon. Timbaland, Santigold, Kelly Rowland, Rita Ora and more are all apart of the albums development!


The video is directed by Alissa Pankiw, and as the title explains that the song is indeed about heroes. Not only is Janelle a comic book hero, but the message relays that there are heroes in those who stand up for what they believe in. Facing down the bullies, a positive message is always conveyed…

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Tyrese Gibson Share thoughts on Imprisoned Chris Brown


Singer, Actor and father Tyrese Gibson has much popularity on the social media app Instagram. He like most, showcases his thoughts and current affairs with fans world wide. It seems as though one of theTGT (Three Kings) had something to share in regards to troubled star Chris Brown last Saturday.

The veteran wrote:

Sometimes a leader will be uplifted, torn down, humiliated and try and rip you apart…… Nothing about this process WHILE it’s happening will feel good or comfortable…. But you will be FORCED to GROW through what you GO through….. It builds character and created BOLD SHIFTS in your LIFE and SURROUNDINGS….. My prayers and energy to the little homie….. Through it all #TeamBreezy is praying and your REAL loved ones ain’t throwing stones we just want you home so you can SMASH the stage and charts!!! It’s kinda scary to think of…

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Newbie: Mia Lenay’s NEW VIDEO ‘PRICE TAG’ [WATCH]


Mia Lenay, what can we say. With her debut single ‘Price Tag’, the 21-year-old steps on to the scene with a down to earth all female empowered track. This fiercely real singer and song writer is bringing a RnB-Pop sound exclaiming that she ‘cannot be bought. ‘

‘I ain’t for sale, I ain’t ‘cha hoe-
Ain’t got a tag, I ain’t even got a barcode’

Here here!

First off, it seems that many individuals -cough- some males feel the need to flaunt their goods, believing it embodies power, status, and attracts women. For some that may be true, but Mia swiftly mentions that ‘ish’ doesn’t faze her. Representing women with this rugged melody the upcoming star communicates, in not so many words, that theseLooking A** N******  shouldn’t role play so often.

Are us females for sale, yeah didn’t think so!

You can check out this video here, only on…

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Diggy Simmons NEW VIDEO ‘My Girl’ ft Trevor Jackson [WATCH]


Diggy Simmons is switching the ”sneakers”, snap backs and Ray Bans for a suit, minus the tie! Back with a more refined sound and flow, he’s surely set to woo the ladies with jam ‘My Girl’ featuringTrevor Jackson.

The son of formerRun DMCmemberRev Runhas moved on from a clean, unblemished rap style and put on his big boy pants. No longer singing4 letter word to prepubescent females, Diggy has indeed grown. He’s a reformed go-getter!

The song sweats old school sophistication alongside Diggy’s soft-spoken bars, and Trevor’s soulful bodied voice definitely adds to this mellow RnB banger.

The 19-year-old is stepping into his own, showcasing that he is a serious contender in the music game. Well there’s no doubt that him and Trevor won’t be short of female admirers after this video.

View ‘My Girl’ now!

What do you think? Tell us in…

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Jesse McCartney’s Spicy NEW VIDEO ‘SUPERBAD’ [WATCH]



Move over surfboards and Cody Simpson, sorry, but Jesse McCartney returns with single ‘Superbad’.

From his album ‘In Technicolor’, this sexy single firstly gives off a ‘Leonardo DiCaprio-esk’ type vibe, but more so, pin points that our boy Jesse sure has grown! No more songs of innocence sprouting Beautiful Soul or Because You Live, this bachelor is whisking away beautiful and expensive models, and doing it in style.


This young man’s evolution through music has resulted in a funky, matured pop. Channeling his inner Justin or Robin perhaps? Well, the star has finally come into his own, but let me remind you that we have seen this naughty side of Jesse before in November 2010 with singleShake. He now eludes a suave sexy progression, but will fans accept the non-sweet Jesse?

I have already.

Check out Superbad Below, only on Eyes And…

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