Breezy Brings The Heat In NEW Music Video ‘New Flame’ Ft Usher & Rick Ross


After teasing fans in previous single Loyal with an elevator cameo; Usher is hitting all the right moves alongside Chris Brown in single New Flame.

“Bae” and “bae” are here. Together! So female fans can appreciate and savior all of this much wanted talent. As per usual, in this video Chris Brown is never too afraid to throw a few shapes, with his fast feet, ‘turnt up’ attitude and turning a normal everyday item into a swinging deadly weapon. Impressive.

Yet Usher’s shine never seemed to simmer with his tick-tocking robot, brief gyrating, and suave moves just reminding new fans who brought it first. Fans however have now had a taster, a TASTER, of what could be one of the hottest collaborations in the RnB game if these two stars went hard in a new full blown choreographed video. Make it happen. Make the magic known!

A forever shirtless Rick…

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Iggy Azealia graces fans with ‘Black Widow’ VIDEO


I-G-G-Y is back with the video release of her follow up single ‘Black Widow’!

Now on everyone’s radar, Iggy is now at the top of her game. Fans see her rivaling with Anaconda Rapper Nicki Minaj for the title of best female rapper! Popularity is talking! Moreover, with the ongoing success of her single Fancy and her collaboration with ‘Nickelodeon Sweetheart’ Ariana Grande, the Aussie undoubtedly has a top ten on her hands.

The video features British babe Rita Ora, who has also been reigning on the charts as of late. First impressions, especially to film buffs, will instantly notice the homage paid to film director Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill which starred actress Uma Furman. The 24-year-old seemed to be channeling the image of Black Mamba wielding a katana sword in this cinematic feisty video. 

VIEW IT HERE! Only on Eyes And Voice

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What do…

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Insta Woes! Some Just Can’t Handle Ciara’s New Dreads


Becoming a mother is a blessing and Ciara after giving birth to baby boy Future Zahir, is relishing in her after birth glow. More so, she seems to be channeling her inner momentum as she’s set to regain  her previous figure.

Throwing some punches! Ciara is shown demonstrating great core strength after the birth of her baby Future Zahir

The Body Party songstress was seen six days ago on Instagram sporting her new black and blonde dreadlocks whilst impressively combining sit-ups with some killer punches. Ciara captioned: “Striving for greatness” as she worked out with Personal Trainer Gunnar Peterson. The star looked controlled and focused so there’s no doubt fans are looking forward to seeing her hard work eventually pay off.

The pretty picture at hand has caused a ruckus of opinions on Ciara’s dreadlocks

Followers believed the star was giving off Janet Jackson inspired look presently as the 28-year-old posted…

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Insta Woes! Nicki Minaj’s ASSets Gets Parodied and Creates a Storm of Discussion!


Only recently U.S Rapper Nicki Minaj teased her followers on Instagram with the release of her new anticipated single‘Anaconda’, which could of been purchased today on iTunes. However the star decided to push back the single to the 8th of August. She shared: “My darlingz, I’ve pushed the release of Anaconda to next week, Monday 8/4. I promise you will understand why before the week is out. Loveeeeeeee uuuuuu.”

Baring that in mind, amongst other things, she previously posted Anaconda’s CD cover which featured a revealing (hardly surprising) scantily clad dressed Nicki. The Rapper who was sporting blue trainers, a pink training bra, and a small thong which was embedded between her well known cakes, cooked up a storm of reactions.

Parental Advisory is needed with Nicki’s ‘Anaconda’ Single Cover

So instead of focusing on the music which sampled the memorable‘Time After Time’ by Cyndi Lauper

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Ms. Teyana Taylor IS NOT A Member of the Bleach Brigade!


Teyana Taylor puts speculators to bed confirming, much to her displeasure that she indeed HAS NOT bleached her skin. Yesterday evening the ‘Sweet 16’ native posted a throwback picture in her younger days on social media app Instagram. Underneath the post which showed a sweet young girl, the caption wrote; “#tbt 2003- now shut the f*** up with that she bleaching s***. Thanks”.

Instead of people focusing on the release of her well received track ‘Maybe’ displaying the stars vocal talent, the revamped tomboy’s skin tone is somewhat always a topic of discussion. Avid follows as well as avid haters have always, whether it is wanted or not, decided to throw in their two cents when it came to the idea of Teyana’s possible skin bleaching regime.  

With the exception of some, others were dead certain that the celeb had bleached her skin, which she could have then…

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M.I.A’s new Eye Massacre video ‘Double Bubble Trouble’ [WATCH]


Britain’s ‘No f***s given’ female artist M.I.A is back with her new single Double Bubble Trouble. It’s four day late release has been much anticipated, and per usual fans are anxious to know the meaning behind it. According to ‘Buzzfeed’  M.I.A. explores the question of what a world in which you could easily 3-D print guns would look like. Curious indeed.

However firstly fans should bewarned this video isn’t friendly to those with photo-sensitive epilepsy.

Directed by M.I.A. the pictures below will firstly demonstrate a taster of whats to come. Prepare your eyes, this is a power trip of the mind!

M.I.A.'s New Video Might Give You A Seizure

If that doesn’t startle you eyeballs, here are some more pictures.

M.I.A.'s New Video Might Give You A Seizure

Now after that mind trip, be a witness to the creative, or risky, either way it’s a thumbs up from me, M.I.A!

What do you think? Tell us in the comment box below

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Check out The First Girls of K-Pop 2NE1’s NEW VIDEO ‘Gotta Be You’


The much awaited third single by YG Entertainment’s 2NE1 Gotta Be You has been released!

Celebrating their five year anniversary as a group, 2NE1 let their fans knew in advance that the video will be out today on the 21st of May. Only released hours ago, the single from their hit album Crush typically features CL, Minzy, Dara and Bom, in a colourful setting with even bolder outfits.

The video also provides us fans with some male eye candy, in the form of British born model Ash Stymest. The popular model is known for his bad boy demeanor and of course his tattoos. Surely fans have fallen for this rough lad’s charm already! This reminds audiences that the members of 2NE1 are continuing to branch out and collaborate with more popular western faces.

Waiting for Minzy to bust a move!

From watching Gotta Be You’s live performances and dance…

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